Charles Wallshein, Esq.


Charles Wallshein Esq.

Macco & Stern LLP, Melville, Suffolk County, New York

I have been practicing law since 1990. My area of practice before the crisis focused on real property and banking regulatory law. Now my practice is nearly 100% foreclosure defense. I am obsessed with developing the cutting edge legal arguments and discovery strategies in this field.

I currently train and teach lawyers in addition to my foreclosure defense practice in New York. I have earned the respect of the judiciary and am recognized as the “go to” guy in this area. I want to teach you how to successfully defeat the banks and help homeowners at the same time. I promise that this course will accelerate your learning curve by thousands of hours. Defense lawyers need this course to develop strategies that work.

The legal issues involved in defending foreclosures are now rapidly developing. RMBS foreclosures are full of misrepresentations by the banks and their attorneys. Their documents are phonies and their legal theories are misplaced. The banks have an unbelievable advantage in numbers and in funding, but I believe the tide is turning.

The challenge for the foreclosure defense practitioner is to present cogent legal arguments based upon an accurate factual record. RMBS Foreclosure defense is not for attorneys who want to dabble in it. An uninformed and untrained litigator is the greatest danger to the development of the law in this area. If you do this you have to do it well.

“Residential Mortgage Backed Securities foreclosure are full of errors and lies. You know it and I know it. We are going to teach you how to prove it.”   Charles Wallshein Esq.



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